Prenatal Yoga

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been practicing yoga, informally, since I was in High School, which was a good, long time ago. There are so many reasons I love it. Since I’ve become pregnant I’ve been tired, uncomfortable, and transitioning back into exercise since I dropped off the exercise planet during IVF. I have found this video to be perfect for right now. No matter how I’m feeling, I can manage to get myself through this video and feel better afterwards. It’s not so strenuous that you can’t muster up the energy to get started but it’s long enough and goes deep enough that you’ll get something out of it. Anyways, just give it a try.


Double the Trouble!

It’s official. I’m pregnant x 2! We had our 6.5 week ultrasound today. I was really nervous. I would have been fine with one or two babies, but I was just really hoping everything looked okay in there. And it did. 

It took the doctor a good couple minutes to find our little ones. My ovaries are still very large so I had a hard time telling what was what. Those were the most nerve-wracking few minutes of my life. Things started becoming more clear and finally she said, “well there are two gestational sacks.” I said, “Great! Is there anything inside them?” Because we couldn’t see yet. But after another couple minutes she was able to focus on our little gummy bears/peanuts/prawns/whatever they look like. They’re our babies! We heard their heart beats and everything is looking in good shape. 

We’re not all that surprised cause that’s what we were expecting. Yet we’re still floored and couldn’t be more thrilled! Our family of two just became a family of 4!!! Hallelujah!!! 

Taking Estrace while pregnant

So I just noticed this morning my estrace presciption bottle has a bright yellow sticker that says in capital letters, “DO NOT TAKE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT” 

What the heck! I’m pregnant and my doctor knows it, why would I be taking something I shouldn’t be. I called my clinic and spoke to a nurse to see how much more I need to order. I brought up the sticker. She said, “oh, we prescribe all kinds of things for all different reasons.” Gee, thanks, that makes me feel a lot better. 

A quick google turned up that estrace while pregnant could lead to cancers later in the child’s life. Ugghh! I wish I could do this naturally on my body’s own terms but I guess this is the way it’s going to be and I should just shut up and do what my doctor tells me. Is anyone else worried about this?   

Endometrin Cost

I bought all my IVF meds from a local pharmacy that my clinic recommended. I figured I didn’t want to worry about whether my meds would be here on time or how long they were sitting in a cold truck and what not. But now I’m on the other side. It looks like I’ll have about 7 more weeks of Endometrin, 3 times a day so I’m thinking about looking on line for my supply. 

The pharmacy I’ve been getting it from charges $189 for 42 100mg tabs. Does that seem about right or do you think I can get it cheaper? Has anyone had any experience with online pharmacies? 



9dp5dt – Beta Results! – 334

It was 3:30 and I still hadn’t gotten the call from the clinic with my beta results. I tried calling them but was put on hold for so long I finally had to leave a message. I told them I was going into a meeting and they should call my husband instead. I was walking down the street to my meeting and they called. The number is 334. Twins? Maybe? 

For some reason we were holding out for the beta results to make it official. And it’s official. I called my husband and we were just so excited. We both couldn’t stop laughing, I was so happy and had tears of joy running down my face. At that same moment, my mom just happened to be driving down the street and saw me. She pulled over and was able to share the moment with me as well. She hates to see her children hurt and she knows what a struggle I’ve had. There’s been a few times where she’s stopped by my work and we’ve gone for a stroll (down that same street), her comforting me as I would be unable to hold back my tears after more failed tests. But not this time! It’s time to rejoice. I said goodbye to my husband on the phone and told him to call his parents.

After a few quick words with my mom, I had to pull myself together to go in and conduct my meeting. Wine was being passed around, and I politely passed. I was surprised no one made a comment, but I’m sure they were just keeping it to themselves. I’m not usually one to pass up wine. Free wine at that 🙂 Looks like I won’t be having wine for a while now. 


6dp5dt – Ready to test

I’m caving. I told myself I wasn’t going to test before beta day but I can’t take it anymore. The hubby gave me the green light too. I decided to take a test tomorrow morning. The only problem is we’re officially snowed in and I only have one hpt that I got from Walmart several months ago. Its a First Signal. The online reviews are terrible and it’s positive at 25iu which does not make it an early response test.

The snow is over a foot and counting. We took the Tahoe out to blaze a trail to the road but we got stuck. Definitely snowed in. We live 10 miles up a windy hill road to the nearest town. Freezing rain is next in the forecast. I think we’ll be lucky if we can get out on Monday.


So as much as I want to take the test tomorrow, I might be better off waiting till Monday morning. I’m still crampy. When I woke up it felt like someone used my stomach for a boxing bag. Hoping this is a good sign.