Stims Check in #1

I’m on my third day of stims. For those of you who are curious, and for my own memory, I’ll record what I can remember below. 

I’m technically on CD 6 but this is my third day of stims. I’ve been taking 1 vial of menopur in the am and 150iu of Folliistim in the evening, along with dexamethasone. At my check up today we found I have one large follicle on my left side measuring at 15mm. Doc said it’s hogging all the meds on that side and just really big, so we might just want to forget about that side. I hope they even out. She might be giving up, but I’m going to send lots of “even-ing out” energy that way. 

Luckily, my left side is looking great with 9 follicles all measuring 6-11mm. I got the go to start taking Ganirelix. One more shot for this pincushion! My estrogen level is at 347 and my LH is 4. All this doesn’t really mean too much to me right now, but I suppose these numbers are somewhat important. 

The shots haven’t been all that bad, but not all that great either. My trusty hubby has been great administering them for me. I was about to kill him yesterday morning though, when he brought the menopur shot with a long needle over and said “ready?” He was pulling a joke on me and hadn’t yet switched out the reconstitution needle. I panicked and said,”Oh no! I shouldn’t have looked at the needle!” just before I realized he was joking. Thank God, the needles are small! 

On another note, I made some of this Quinoa Sweet Potato chili yesterday. It has lots of good stuff in it to feed all my potential babies. It was very good, and since it made a lot, I’ll be eating it several times this week. I also put a heaping spoonful of homemade Yumm sauce on it.  And if you haven’t had Yumm sauce, you’re in for a treat! 


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